Newsletter 015 February 1972


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Last February, we celebrated our tenth anniversary by holding a birthday party. We feel this is something which members might like to turn into an annual event. We have therefore arranged a social meeting for Friday 10th March at 166 Station Road, NW4 at 8 p.m. Tickets will be available from the Hon. Treasurer, Richard Deacon, or at the February film show.

This will provide an opportunity for our many new members to get to know each other and the Society. Please come along and help to maker the evening a success. Entertainment will be provided and, by the way, the Treasurer will be most grateful for any member prepared to donate prizes for this occasion.


On 18th January, Mr. W. J. Smith gave an interesting lecture about the documents which are to be found in the Greater London Record Office (Middlesex Branch) referring particularly to Hendon, Finchley and Friern Barnet. Some of the extracts he quoted went back to the 16th century. About 35 members attended and there was a lively question time with many members taking part.

On 15th February, there will be a showing of three films.

Detection in Archaeology.

Pembrokeshire – My County: historical and archaeological aspects if this beautiful county.

Turn of the Wheel: a fascinating account of what happens to old trams and traction engines.

These will be shown as usual at 8.15 p.m. at St. Mary’s Church House, Church End, NW4.

British Museum Tutankhamun Exhibition

WE regret the Programme Committee has not been able to arrange a special HADAS visit to this exhibition, as no special facilities are being offered to adult parties. It is hoped many members will make their own arrangements to see this unique exhibition, the entrance fee to which is 50p (25p for children, bona fide students and old age pensioners). The Exhibition will be open to the public from 30th March to 30th September, 1972 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Tuesday to Saturday inclusive); from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays; and from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays.

The lecture being arranged in co-operation with the Hampstead Branch of the Historical Association will be held in late April or early May at Westfield College, Kidderpore Avenue, NW3. The response to our enquiry in the last newsletter indicated that this venue was not too far afield for our members. The lecturer, Mr. James, has only just returned from Egypt and has been unable to confirm the precise date yet. Full details, including bus and train information, in our next newsletter.


May 20 - Coventry Cathedral and a visit to Stratford.

July 15 - Lesnes Abbey, near Greenwich; then Sittingbourne to see the Dolphin Sailing Barge Museum.

The June and September outings are being planned this year with a special archaeological slant – see the enclosed leaflet about them from the Programme Committee.

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River Walk

Members who enjoyed the river walk along Mutton Brook and part of the River Brent in November will be interested to know that Mr. Jeffrey Evans has agreed to lead another walk on March 25th. This time, he proposes to follow the course of the Brent a further stage towards North Finchley. Later, in the spring or summer, he will finish the course of the river to its source near Arkley Windmill.

All members are cordially invited to take part in what should be a very pleasant spring outing. Meet at 2.30 p.m. on 25th March at the roundabout (called Holders Hill Circus) in Holders Hill Road, near the Windmill public house. This is on the 240 bus route from Golders Green.

Guildhall Conference

The 9th Annual Conference of London Archaeologists, sponsored by London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, will be held at Guildhall on 4th March 1972. It is hoped that speakers will include Peter Marsden, Brian Bloice, Nick Farrant, Stan Warren and Dennis Hazelgrove. Usually doors open 1.30 p.m, proceeding begin at 2.00 p.m. Tickets, including tea (members 30p, non-members 45p) obtainable from Miss B. P. Powell. HADAS will have a small exhibit, mounted by Philippa Bernard, Jeremy Clynes and William Morris.

Portrait Survey

Mr. & Mrs. Eyre are no longer responsible for organising this survey, as announced in newsletter No. 14. We hope to make other arrangements for the survey, particularly as a number of members have expressed interest in it. Meanwhile, anyone who wants information should apply to Mrs. Grafton Green.

Street Names Survey

The request by the LAMAS in the last newsletter for help with a street names survey has aroused interest among members. Mr. Jim Banham sent a charming account of a famous footballer “with twinkling feet”, names Vivian Woodward. Mr. Banham believes that Vivian Avenue in Hendon may have been named after Vivian Woodward. Perhaps other members are aware of the background to street names in their vicinity – if so, please let the Editor of the Newsletter, Mrs. Arnott, have a note about them.

The Editor will be delighted to have contributions to the newsletter or to hear about items which members would like to see included.

Forthcoming Events

An exhibition of Venetian glass will be held at Bethnal Green Museum, Cambridge Heath Road, E2 from 15th February to 26th March. It includes samples of glass from the 15th to 18th centuries; alongside the exhibits will be a number of photographs of details from old Master paintings, in which Venetian Glass is depicted in everyday use.

At Church Farm Museum from 12th February to 19th March will be an exhibition called “Schooling and Teaching”. It will include records and illustrations from the Borough Local History Collection as well as material from the older schools in the Borough.

At the same museum from 25th March to 30th April, an exhibition with particular archaeological interest, will be “Discovering the Bible”. Sir Leonard Woolley’s excavations at Ur of the Chaldees and the epic Masada will be included.

Open times at Church Farm Museum: weekdays – 10 – 12.30 and 1.30 to 5.30 except Tuesdays (10-1). Sundays 2.30 – 6.

Finally a brief trailer for a six week course of lectures, starting after Easter at Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute, on the identification of artefacts. There will be different lecturers for each lecture, and artefacts will be available for handling. This course has been inspired by HADAS and we hope many members will join it. Further details next month.