Newsletter 006 September 1970


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We are now well into autumn, which means that our monthly lectures are starting again. but for our more energetic members, there are still some digs in the next few weeks.


During the months October to April inclusive, the Society will meet in the Reading Room at the Central Library, Hendon, NW4 at 8:15 p.m. on the first Tuesday of these months. So far, the following lectures have been arranged: -

October 6th Miss Honeybourne on the BATTE OF BARNET


December 1st Mr Sammes on MALTA

January 5th Mr. Dickson on GREENWICH TUDOR PALACE

February 2nd Mr. Day on FOSSIL MAN

We do hope that you will keep these dates earmarked for the Society, Notification of each lecture will be sent out about a week in advance with a brief summary of the the lecture, if this is possible.

Excavation news and Field Work

Brent Lodge, Nether Street, Finchley - In August, HADAS carried out a resistivity survey in the Lodge grounds. Our interest in this site is not in the foundations of the Lodge (demolished 1962), but in the remains of an earlier house. The readings revealed no features on the area surveyed. However, a trial trench is to be dug in the allotments adjoining Cedar Court on the north-eastern edge of the area; old maps suggest that this is the most likely location of the house. This trial dig will take place on October 3rd/4th. If you would like to know more about this dig, the Secretary will help you.

Wrotham Park - The Society applied to the owner of Wrotham Park for permission to meter inside the Park boundaries. This has been recently suggested as a possible site for the mortuary chapel built by Edward IV near the graves of some of the men killed at the Battle of Barnet. If permission is given, the meter survey will take place on October 11th and on succeeding weekends of that month. Anyone who wishes to help should get in touch with the Secretary or Mr. Sammes.

Manor House, East End Road, Finchley - During August, a resistivity survey was also made in the grounds behind the Manor House to locate the position of the moat. The survey in this area has been completed and the remains of part of the moat have been discovered; readings also indicate a causeway across it.

Milestones and Boundary Posts

Mr. Sammes would be pleased to hear from any member who has come across these.

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Do you care about Historic Buildings?

This is the title of a paperback just published by the GLC. The booklet is full of photographs and sketches of old buildings in the Greater London area. At 10/-, it is very good value and is a record of many buildings which could be demolished.

From our correspondent at the Battle of Barnet

Our man at the battlefront reports that the Quincentenary Exhibition of this event will take place at the Council Chamber, Wood Street, Barnet. The Exhibition will be opened by Mr. Richard Baker on Easter Saturday, 10th April. The Exhibition closes on April 30th.

Some of the main attractions are a diorama of the battle; an exhibit on the 15th century treatment of wounds; the shields and banners of the participants in the battle. The designing and construction of the latter are being carried out by volunteers from Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute and local WIs.

The Exhibition organisers would also like some voluntary help at the event. Our Society has promised on behalf of members to do all we can. If you are prepared to help in the setting-up - April 1st-9th,; or the stewarding - April 10th-30th; or dismantling - May 1st-4th, please contact the Secretary, if possible before October 6th. Of course it is too early to give precise dates, but perhaps you can indicate how much time you can spare and how often.

One Wheelbarrow = 6 books

What a ridiculous statement, you may well say, but it is true. With 6 books of Green Shield Stamps, the Secretary can get one wheelbarrow, so if you can spare any GSS, the Treasurer would be delighted to receive them to buy equipment with.

P.S. The Treasurer would like to remind members that subscriptions are due for the year 1970-1971. For your convenience, a form is supplied on the next sheet.


Exhibition of Celtic Art. This exhibition was staged for the Edinburgh Festival and will be on show at the Hayward Gallery, London from October 14th to November 22nd. This display of our ancestors' beautiful work includes a bronze Cult Scene from Bohemia, Baldock Firedogs and helmets and swords.

200 Years of Spode Unfortunately, this exhibition, at the Royal Academy, Burlington House, W1, closes on October 4th. All types of Spode ware can be seen, ranging from the earliest of their pottery to that of the present day.

Lectures at the Royal Institution

(21, Albemarle Street, London W1)

25th November: 5.30 p.m. Early Timber Bell Towers by K. W. E. Gravett, M Sc, FSA

Now here's some news for our younger members. On January 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, Dr. J. R. Napier will give the annual series of Christmas Lectures for Children. This year's topic is "Man's place in Nature'. These lectures are highly amusing and instructive to both children and adults. The lectures are 3.30 p.m. and cost Å“2. For further details, please write to the Secretary.